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Hacienda Club Lives For One Night Only

The Hacienda Club interior. Manchester UK. Helped launch the Madchester music scene in the 80s considered a second "Summer of Love"...another spin on music and drugs.


Hacienda Tour @ Trilogy with Graeme P. & Peter H. Dubai | 28/06/2012 Dear all, what can we say to welcome one of the most legendary and important clubs in dance music history from Manchester UK , the legendary HACIENDA 30th anniversary tour ...


"Fifty years after the railway posters, Factory Records set the style which made Manchester look different. I was very surprised to arrive in London and discover that not everything worth finding out about happened in sans serif. Or that the clubs were nowhere near as interesting." Designed by Peter Saville for The Hacienda.


Manchester District Music Archive - The Chameleons, James, The Smiths advert, The Hacienda - 28.01.1983