mjolk-house-living-room ~ The striped wooden window frames are a marvel. Good use of wood generally..

mjölk dwelling

The living room is anchored by a sofa and lounge chair, both by Børge Mogensen, as well as a Conoid bench by George Nakashima. An Isamu Noguchi pendant lamp casts a warm glow onto the Brasilia coffee table, designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Swedese.

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Ditch the dusty dried flowers and give me that sexy shaped fire! Cuddle up with good red wine, favourite book on a Greek flokati .the flokati for a hint of retro.

westfire 21 compact stove

The Westfire Uniq 21 Wood Burning Stove is compact in size and its low output makes it ideal for smaller rooms. Primary air, secondary air and tertiary air supplies give the Westfire Uniq 21 woodburner an efficiency of over The rounded glass door

My parents have this exact wood fire stove in their house. It is more eco-friendly than your normal wood fire stove... and really stokes a room!

fireplace justinetaylor: Designer: Barbara Purdy Photographer: Andrew Grinton (via Photo Gallery: Barb Purdy Designs