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A game super easy to arrange and fun to play with. One can never go wrong with this game. All we need is bangles and dice. Throw the dice and wear a bangle in specific pattern. Things Needed: 30 ba...


Kitty Party Game-Lucky Bangle


Plant Pots to Water Fountain (step-by-step tutorial)


Plant Pots to Water Fountain {step-by-step tutorial}

Count on your lucky color ladies! Choose a color and cross your fingers. Things Needed: A Bowl, well mixed colorful bangles, few paper chits and a paper to write marks, a dupatta for blindfolding. ...


Kitty Party game:Lucky Bangle Color

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Our Last Day in Pictures

Candy Crush kitty party game can be one in your list of party games for the ladies kitty party. However, we played in our club carnival but I found it a ni

Candy Crush Kitty Party Game| Ladies Kitty Party

Indian Kitty Party Games for ladies kitty party| funny party games for all age groups| simple one minute games for kitty party.

Indian Kitty Party Games : Dress Up The Lemon

krishna janamshatami game

Paper game for Janamashtami kitty party: खोजिये क्र्ष्ण नाम और पाइये ईनाम