The polkadotted pattern on the bedsheet is very reminiscent of nightlife, discos and all things fun! #ValtellinaOnPinterest

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Because a pink princess bed is what every girl dreams of, right? :) #ValtellinaOnPinterest

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The bright orange colour adds the perfect vibrancy and zest needed to my room!

This bedsheet will remind me of my lovely childhood and teddy bears and all the cute memories associated with it:) #ValtellinaOnPinterest

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Angry Birds! My favourite game immortalised in a bedsheet! #ValtellinaOnPinterest

This beautiful carpet will add the eager touch of royalty and elegance to my living room. :)

The oceanic blue hue reminds me of the beach and soothing waters. that's what a bedroom should be- soothing and calming! #ValtellinaOnPinterest

The perfect blend of pastel shades in this piece is all I need to drift into a dreamy sleep. #ValtellinaOnPinterest

The colorful geometric print represents modernity, class and vibrancy! #ValtellineOnPinterest

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