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an umbrella is placed on top of a stand in the middle of a room with a window
Interior style collection|Products|KANAYA
Interior style collection|Products|KANAYA
two different pictures with the same cartoon character on them
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Rain drum umbrella. This is so amazing!
the instructions for how to use an umbrella holder with two handles and one handle on each side
Umbrellocked - Yanko Design
Somewhere in a parallel universe lies a civilization of #umbrellas that just escaped from earth. I swear, I’ve lost at least 20 umbrellas in my life. They just vanish, apparently. I’m not the only one, apparently. Because now designers got together and created an umbrella with a lock. Yes! The umbrella handle has an inbuilt lock (like a bicycle lock) that extends outwards and allows you to loop and secure it around any pole, railing, or piece of #furniture.
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Fold umbrella
a man holding an umbrella over his head while standing in front of three different images - imwm Resources and Information.
Creative umbrella design.