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Ask Kirti Tips

I provide useful tips on my website in Hindi and English free of cost. In my website you will find very useful and excellent tips on cooking, laundry, cleaning, kitchen, beauty etc. etc. I request you to please go through the website and let me know frankly if you have found any tip useful for yourself.
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These tips are a collection of the universal tips available everywhere in every society and we have simply collected them for your benefit. They are available to you free of cost.

We are providing some useful household tips to upkeep accessories items.

ask kirti is a platform specially designed and created for ladies and housewives.

Excellent Household Tips For Ladies.

The tips offered by us are small suggestion that are given to you to minimize your wastage of food and kitchen items, better cleaning and of-course to provide instant relief in case of small medical emergency, using the items present in the cupboard or the store of the housewives. In this way a lady is also capable to handle small medical emergency till the actual medical help arrives. We have also tried a little to suggest some beauty tips too.