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a poster with a man wearing a gas mask on it's face and the words,
a man in a gas mask standing on the sidewalk
Stable Diffusion anime Person in hazmat suit with respirator in urban setting, imposing.
The image shows a person in a black and blue hazmat suit. The suit has a large respirator on the front and a blue helmet with a visor. The person is also wearing black boots and gloves. They are standing in an urban setting, with buildings and cars in the background. The image is taken from a low angle, making the person look imposing.
two people in gas masks sitting next to each other
HL2 , nechestiv
three different views of the head and shoulders of a man in an armor suit, one with
HL2 , nechestiv
ArtStation - HL2
ArtStation - Combine Larp, Dark Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk 2020, Arte Robot, For My Friend, Fantasy Concept Art, Character Outfits
Combine , nechestiv
ArtStation - Combine
a man in a black suit with yellow eyes and an alien like helmet, standing under a cloudy sky
BH , nechestiv
"BH " by nechestiv
Future Soldier, Arte Cyberpunk, Hero Costumes, Sci Fi Characters
an insect with long legs and two eyes on it's body is flying through the air
Sketches for unannounced Half-Life fangame, Anna Semykina
ArtStation - Sketches for unannounced Half-Life fangame, Anna Semykina
Elite Soldier Concept Art, Robots Concept, Armor Concept, Military Art, Best Cosplay, Life Drawing
Elite Combine Soldier
a robot with red eyes standing in front of a gray background
Combine Overwatch Elite, Abimael Salazar
Combine Overwatch Elite, Abimael Salazar on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/29Vk0J