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four pictures showing different stages of dye being poured into plastic cups, and then blending them
Science experiments for kids : Red Cabbage Experiment and scientist dramatic play – Fun Littles
Cabbage water experiment. It changes colors when added to various liquids. Love it :-) Many lessons here!
the instructions for how to make an art project
Painting science...
an info poster showing how to make and indicator from red cabagge in different colors
Compound Interest: Food Chemistry
Food Chemistry – Page 3 – Compound Interest
an advertisement with the words test ph with cabbage and what you'll need to do
Test pH with Cabbage! - Animal Jam Academy
Get ready for some kitchen chemistry! Have fun exploring acids and bases with this fun Animal Jam Academy! Keep exploring and PLAY WILD!
a poster with different types of drinks and their names on it's back side
AdvoCare | Energy, Weight Management, and Wellness Products
Provided an employee health fair this week and demonstrated the amount of sugar found in the most popular sugar sweetened beverages. Employees were shocked to find out how much sugar they were actually drinking! More
a facebook page with an image of drinks and sodas on the screen, which reads think before you drink
Think before you drink. Great idea for a school display. How much sugar is in each drink!
a table with an ironic breakfast display on it's side and information about its contents
6th Grade Science Fair
Welcome to the Krazy Kingdom: 6th Grade Science Fair
an apple browning display is displayed on a table
Apple Browning science project poster presentation.
a table with a poster on it that says electrolyte and ivs vs
Compare Electrolytes in Sports Drinks and Orange Juice | Science Project
an award winning science fair project the five second rules
Award Winning Science Fair Project: The 5 Second Rule | Sassy