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Tattoo Artist = Honey Badger Hero He who dares wins yo Toronto - Holy Noir Tattoos curtmontgomerytat.


baka hindi pa ako to

A side of her so Dark

moon, quote, and dark image

Wow this is so completely true

i've never experienced pain like the day when he first left me. the day when he left me again. it hurts like nothing else. you feel it in you brain ur heart ur skin ur stomach.everywhere you feel it.

pronunciation | 'tou-zend-sa-sa #tausendsassa, german, noun, jack-of-all-trades, talent, versatile, multi-talented, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, T,

Word: Tausendsassa (n. a multi-talented person


Understanding what your emotions are telling you. Your emotions are the compass to your soul! Emotional healing even from depression and anxiety, requires you to tune in and listen instead of judge yourself!

these are the people who have a life and actually live right

These are the kinds of people I love an need. The compassionate, fierce, real ones, who wear their heart in their sleeves or in the palm of their hands.

She didn't just fall in love with him once. She falls in love with him every time she looks at him.

Every single time I see that handsome face, that beautiful smile, those blue eyes, I fall in love all over again ❤️

This is what you do to me i can't explain it and can't stop.....even after you broke my heart.... Amanda Marie Burrows (Mandy) you told me you were a heartless bitch you didn't have to prove it.......

"Sometimes you can't explain what you see in a person. It's just the way they take you to a place where no one else can" True love quote

I can't..♥

Can't unlove you