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CJA 354 (NEW)

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CJA 354 Week 3 DQ 3 NEW A case I tried: Joe Smith is driving his full-size van down a public street. Suddenly he decides to make a u-turn. But, in order to do so, he has to climb the lane divider that is 9 inches high. He guns his engine,

CJA 354 Week 5 Worksheet NEW Complete the University Material: Week Five Worksheet. DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS 8, 11 AND 13. You will receive no credit for doing so. The remaining questions, except for #14, are worth .25 points. The definitions for question 14 are worth .5 points each.

CJA 354 Week 5 Individual Victims and Crime Evaluation NEW Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that describes roles and functions of individuals in the criminal justice system and how victimization affects each role. Evaluate the roles of prosecutor, defense attorney, criminal, and victim. Summarize how victimization affects each role. Answer the following questions: What are the goals of sentencing associated with each role? What are the goals of alternative sanctions?

CJA 354 Week Four Worksheet NEW Complete the University Material: Week Four Worksheet. Questions 1-- 14 are worth .15 points each Questions 15 and 16 are worth 1point each Quesiton 17 is worth .9 points.

CJA 354 Week 4 Learning Team Sentencing Proposal (Preparation) NEW Begin preparing the Sentencing Proposal assignment, due in Week Five. Discuss sentencing arguments with your Learning Team, including desired outcomes and intermediate sanctions to propose. Submit a 350-word summary that includes an overview of your team's discussion and the research you have conducted.

CJA 354 Week 4 Individual Anti-Drug Legislation Matrix NEW Complete the University Material: Anti-Drug Legislation Matrix.. Remember, there are three states plus federal laws to discuss. Make sure all four are included.

CJA 354 Week 4 DQ 3 NEW What is a public order crime? How do public order crimes differ from other types of crime, as defined by the criminal justice system? How can we improve the ways in which the criminal justice system helps to decrease the number of public order crimes? Explain.

CJA 354 Week 4 DQ 2 NEW Civil forfeiture rules allow the government to take proceeds of a crime even when they have been used to buy something else (a car, a house). But sometimes that seizure involves innocent people. What do you think of these asset forfeiture rules? Do they, in any way, benefit law enforcement? Do they deter crime? Why or why not?

CJA 354 Week 4 DQ 1 NEW Crimes are considered a breach of the peace. And yet crimes, for the most part, are wrongs committed against individuals. Discuss the differences and similarities between civil and criminal law; who gets to “punish” the offender—the government or the individual? Or both? Why? Who, in your opinion has the greater right? The greater responsibility? Why? Use the OJ Simpson case as an example.

CJA 354 Week 3 Worksheet NEW Complete the University Material: Week Three Worksheet. Each matching question, 1-- 10, is worth .2 points. Questions 11, 12 and 13 are worth 1 point each.