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The little white Baer thoo kyaaaa I can't take them seriously when I see a cute little teddy bear in their room

bang-tan: “ the true story of how Home Party came to be (more fake subz here) “DO NOT REPOST ” ”

Rapper Kim Taehyung

basically the moral of the story is to rap your favourite verse over and over again till u get to switch bodies with said rapper

That exact thing happened, I even have people to vouch for me.

Taehyung showing BTS his bias accurately represents me m showing him off as my bias. But like I mean showing off as in like "appreciate him." Not as a trophy.

Indeed | allkpop Meme Center Lol he's chasing Jungkook...

LOL seen this around everywhere for about like half of a year (idk) but now i finally realize he's chasing Jungkook!