Shiv and shakti

Shiva and Shakti. "Life becomes complete by the coalescing of the contraries. The cosmic union of Shiva and Shakti is the powerful conjoining of complementing forces; which leads to the wholeness within our Universe.

करचरणकृतं वाक् कायजं कर्मजं वा श्रवणनयनजं वा मानसंवापराधं । विहितं विहितं वा सर्व मेतत् क्षमस्व जय जय करुणाब्धे श्री महादेव शम्भो ॥ Har Har Mahadev Jai Shree Mahakaal .. Om Namah Shivaay

In creating the elephant-headed Ganesha, Shiva stops being the world-renouncing hermit and transforms into Shankara, the world-affirming householder

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Dancing awesomeness!

La histórica danza de Shiva se plantea como un baile de destrucción, disolución…

God/Goddess/Source/Creator/Divine/Great#Spirit / #Universe....all different labels for the same thing....... Omniscient/Omnipresent/ Omnipotent

by Wes Penre Edited by Professor Bob Stannard from WesPenre Website I. The Soul and the Subtle Body In the Vedas, the soul is called the ?

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What inspired you to write your book? Krishna’s Counsel is the second of a trilogy of novels whose theme is moksha(Sanskrit word for ‘liberation from suffering’). My first novel,…

Abhishek Singh screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

Abhishek Singh screenshots, images and pictures

HiNDU GOD: Lord Narsinmha

Hare Krishna everyone, Finally, after very long hours of digital painting, the final image has surfaced for your pleasure. Digi Paint: Narasimha Pillar Break Part 1

At Kedarnath - || Om Namah Shivayah || - -

At Kedarnath - || Om Namah Shivayah || - -


Sloka Brahmanandam parama sukhadam is mentioned in Guru Gita. Sloka Brahmanandam parama sukhadam is chanted in praise of the Guru who removes darkness from our


Dattatreya is the incarnation of the Divine Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Siva