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Films, telefilms, skits, documentary films, T.V Serials basically represent -'we, the people' - our life styles, culture we follow, reactions we have to environmental inputs, our adaptations...our collective psyche. This is an endeavor to analyse that collective psyche...and find out some ways to correct things that are incorrect and detrimental to our progress.
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Dark Chocolate Film Review – Incestuous families cause cancer to the society. It is a typical Sidney Sheldon best seller story! An impoverished female – sexually exploited by family males – fights her way out to become the wife of a big business tycoon!

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Ugly – Film Review A 9 years old girl is kidnapped by a toy maker cum seller. He had no intentions of killing her though. But still she gets murdered! Would it have been better for her to continue living.I guess not – given the circumstances and the people around her who she was growing with!

PK – Film Review Did Sarfraz & Jaggu part for a greater cause? Yea – they did part for a much greater cause – Sarfaraz (Sushant) and Jaggu (Anuska). You see folks in the Bhagvad Geeta, when Lord Krishna was showing his Virat roop to Arjun – he showed billions of solar systems and Universes jsut under the toe of Lord Krishna.

BLUE – Warning Manual for Boys

Nil Battey Sannata – Film Review A selfless lover can be the best motivator! A motivational film where a mother motivates her daughter to do something worthwhile in life. The mother is just a ‘kaam wali bai’(maid, helper) plus she does many other kinds of odd jobs so that she can educate her daughter to become something – either a doctor or engineer!

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