ROA - Rural Office for Architecture

Architectural illustration Shows details construction interior-exterior relationship ROA - Rural Office for Architecture

ISSUU - Ling-Li Tseng - Responsive Architecture V.01 by Ling-Li Tseng

Ling-Li Tseng - Responsive Architecture V.01

Conceptual Drawing, Responsive Architecture Ling-Li Tseng 2008 > Conceptual section use diagram drawing <

Places of the soul, photo © Serge Najjar.

Scaling Architecture: Abstract Geometry Meets Everyday Life in the Photography of Serge Najjar

“it’s not what you see but how you see it” - Beirut-based photographer Serge Najjar - architecture and its relation to human measures


Z House / Donovan Hill

This is the Z House sectional drawing by Donovan Hill, the hatch in the drawing doesn't only explain the textures and material, but also shows lighting the direct lighting relationship of the windows inside the house.

AA School of Architecture Projects Review 2012 - Inter 1 - Vere van Gool

Home is where the harvester is! Vere van Gool –––––– AA School of Architecture Vere van Gool Intermediate Unit 1 Professors : Mark Campbell - Stewart Do.

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