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a book with the title protecting her heart
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" A good story about following your heart and letting go of your fears. Bella thought she had her life figured out even though she really wasn’t happy but getting a job at Capmed changed her perspective on what she truly wanted. The author did a good job of drawing you into Bella’s life - her fears, her struggles and her hopes".
the cover for fighting her touch book 2
Amazon Customer Reviews
" This book is truly a love story to read over and over. Full of hope in a hospital setting. The characters are true to life and well developed, the story makes sense from start to finish. I feel well satisfied upon coming to the end. So yes, buy,read and share your feelings on this book. M.T. Cassen deserves it!
the book cover for melody in heart by m c cassen, with five stars
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" This is a fantastic love story that will give you all the feels of a hallmark movie and you will enjoy reading and hoping for a happy ending ".