Choose a good diet. ~~ Red Cabbage ~~ High on my list nowadays; rich in antioxidants.

Red Cabbage by Phillip Gates; Macro image of red cabbage leaves, interesting line and colour patterns created.

Structure - Organic - SUBJECT MATTER: Honeycomb, bees, muted colors, life, texture, pattern, shape, repetition, geometric

Honeycomb in neutral colours. It is a natural pattern or texture. Geometric repetition from nature.

Patterns in Nature. Photos by various artists, including Tony Kuyper, Steve Sieren, Kent Mearig, and others I either couldn't read or couldn't find info for.

Patterns in Nature. Photos by various artists, including Tony Kuyper, Steve Sier. - Science and Nature

Beauty and sacred geometry

Experiments with the golden ratio, top view of dandelion seeds with black background. Notice the spiral pattern. - board I pinned this from is all spirals and Fibonacci

Occupying and connecting. Frei Otto. The image above by Otto supports his argument that human spontaneous networks of urbanity follow similar patterns to ones formed in nature through the structures of leaves, insect colonies or soap bubbles.

Occupying and connecting. The image above is provided by Otto in support of his argument that human spontaneous net.

the lace of a decomposing leaf

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Coloured pencil pomegranate drawing by Sucha Chantaprasopsuk of Reavis High School

Phenomenal Fruit Drawings: AP Studio Art

The structure of a dragonfly's wing. Mathematical and optical form. Scientists cannot understand it.

Wing of a dragonfly, detail: Photography by Rolf Müller The wing shows a interesting structure: there are cells with a certain angle and look up Fibonacci's Fractals