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Little Bird 2 Painted with Indian Ink and Watercolour by Abby Diamond.
Nodalen, Norway
Manhattan, New York City (Source: mondayne, via h4ilstorm)
Mount Fitz Roy || Argentina
Road 59, also known as the Chalous Road or Kandovan Road, is an important road for people of Tehran, a large number of whom drive to popular tourist attractions in the north of Iran on weekends and for holidays. This road is one of the busiest and most beautiful roads in Iran.
Amazing elephant and compass abstract tattoo .. Love Victor Montaghini  Linear, geometric, polka trash, red and blue, circles, lines, watercolor color, Just plain awesome!
The Triad Tree When teaching watercolor classes, I often see students struggle with what I consider one of the joys of watercolor. I’m referring to the joys of color mixing.
Watercolor Flower Tattoo without the outlines,  can tell me what this will look like after 10-20yrs?
Want this! Read about my first tattoo here: http://podcastinwords.wordpress.com/2014/06/16/friday-the-13th-did-i-get-a-tattoo/
Nelson Lakes National Park, South Island, New Zealand 2 Day hike to reach, only possible if we take a helicopter