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Mr S K Bhattaacharya judging the result of ABACUS in talented students from various schools across Delhi/NCR, at National maths Expo, held at IIT Delhi, organized by AVAS India

Delhi | Dillí | दिल्ली / ਦਿੱਲੀ / دِلّی

Enthusiastic children from villages, slow learners shown great result of ABACUS, survey by Avasindia

Students of BBPS - Bal Bharati Pitampura, showcased their talent at NATIONAL MATH EXPO, held at IIT Delhi, organized by AVAS avasindia

Students from different schools across Delhi, giving demo of ABACUS to JUDGES at National Math Expo, held at IIT, Delhi, organized by AVAS- avasindia

Delhi | Dillí | दिल्ली / ਦਿੱਲੀ / دِلّی

Students giving DEMO of ABACUS, result of increased concentration and giving 100% correct answers in front of judges

15 stalls from different school at national maths expo on 6th Dec'2014 at IIT Delhi. event organized by AVAS India

Souvenirs given to each participant for their wonderful contribution in Maths Expo, given by Mrs Pooja Ahuja, Program Director of AVAS

Student explaining his innovation in field of mathematics to renowned maths teachers from different schools, at IIT Delhi exhibition, organized by AVAS India

Students explaining their model to Maths teachers from different schools attending National Maths Expo at IIT, Delhi, organized by Avas India

Prof S N Chhibber and Prof Dharam Prakash, renowned professors in the field of mathematics delivered workshops at third national symposium organized by avasindia at IIT Delhi