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Between the warm water and those little bare bottoms, bath time for baby should be a delight. But for many parents, questions about the safety of baby shampoos, soaps and lotions can leave them worrying about which chemicals their precious babies are inadvertently being exposed. Here’s a quick gui

So you’ve decided that cloth diapers are the way to go – good for you! You’ve narrowed it down to the right cloth diaper system and the right materials. You know which features matter, which you can skip altogether and how you’re going to clean and maintain those diapers. But wait! Have you

Don’t let the cheerful bottle fool you – conventional baby lotions, ointments, diaper creams and even wipes can harbor a staggering amount of seriously unsafe and toxic ingredients. Exposing infants and small children to repeated applications of these products can have long-term repercussions, s