BACON Francis - Irish (Dublin 1909-1992 Madrid) - EXPRESSIONISM - (butcher-art)

Francis Bacon Three Studies for a Crucifixion , March 1962 Oil with sand on canvas, three panels, x cm each .


Irving Penn: Meat Carrier and Boner (A), London, 1950 kinda scary, hope he leaves his work at the shop.

Zhang Huan, 1/2 (meat), 1998

Zhang Huan, (meat), 1998 After thinking about the four elements individually I thought it was interresting to think about how every person is is made up of the same elements. This image made me think about preditors and so I thought that it was interr


Tintype of a BUTCHER! There is something about the Bloody Apron, a tall Top Hat and his Sharp Instruments that makes this photograph quite eerie and maybe even scary!

Stationery range for La Charcuterie deli/restaurant, Vancouver. Business cards shaped like cold cuts are strung in cured meat style netting. Meat stickers are adhered to letterheads and envelopes (made of butcher paper). Genius! Designed by Rethink.

La Charcuterie / by Lisa Nakamura. The cards and stationery were created for a meat shop called La Charcuterie using photos of sliced meat and butcher paper.

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