Investment On Gourmet Hub

Gourmet Hub By Legend Presents India's First Integrated Fun, Food & Family Entertainment Destination . Virtual Space in Food & Gaming Zone on 3rd Floor with Buy-Back Guarantee. Size = 300 Sq.Ft Rate = 15,000/- Per Sq.Ft. Investment Amount = Rs.45L Monthly Assured Return = Rs. 100/- Per Sq.Ft Monthly (Rs. 30,000 Per Month) ROI = 8% Per Annum
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Gourmet Hub will be a Chain of Malls which are going to be opened all over India - a chain that combines the perfect restaurant, retailer and entertainment mix

Food Court, Bar Lounge, Fine Dining, Fun Food, Gourmet, Mall, Cinema, Filmmaking, Funny Food

Food Court, Bar Lounge, Photos, Fine Dining, Gourmet, Fun Food, Daughters, Pictures, Funny Food

Food Court, Bar Lounge, Fun Food, Fine Dining, Gourmet, Funny Food, Gastronomy Food, Catering