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Why do people find this necessary? It's wrong to look at a Muslim and IMMEDIATELY assume they're a terrorist. Unless someone genuinely acts like one and commits acts of terrorism, they're NOT a terrorist. All That Matters, Intersectional Feminism, White People, Equal Rights, Faith In Humanity, Social Issues, Social Justice, Human Rights, That Way

'Rubbing it in everyone's face.' I think what you meant was 'out living their lives like everyone else.'

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Some are better than others. Just ask yourself would you pray in it?

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Reflecting on the Hijab

A comprehensive information site for Muslims and Truth Seekers alike. We have many sections including Islamic Knowledge,The Muslim Family,Youth with a Mission,Home Education,New World Order, Comparative Religion and much more

Very true. May Allah grant knowledge to every Muslimah to actually understand this thing! Hijab Quotes, Muslim Quotes, Islamic Quotes, Hadith, Alhamdulillah, How To Wear Headbands, Islamic Cartoon, Religion, Islam Women

Very true! I dont wear these in public but actually i dont used these its kinda cheap...!

I love this image! For all the people who say Islam oppresses women, these pictures go to show that it's not oppression but modesty, and it's not unique to one religion Nun Catholic, Moslem, Religious Rituals, World Religions, Culture, Niqab, Muslim Women, Oppression, Human Rights

all forms of headscarf many of these a sign of devotion yet only one is considered oppressive and is vastly misunderstood. cant youe see the similarity didnt mary mother of jesus wear a headscarf ??

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A Quick Guide to Traditional Clothing

Every time I tell someone that I'll be living in the Middle East, I am inevitably asked if I will be required to wear a headscarf or to cover my face in public. Someone even asked me if I would be stoned for not wearing "one of those weird headscarves." Sigh... No, it is not…

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19 Fashion Infographics for True Ethnic Divas -

Ethnicity has been an essential part for women. Be it our beautiful Bollywood divas or the girls next door, all of us adore traditional and ethnic wear. Festivals, wedding and Poojas are sure occasions where you turn towards the ethnic side of your wardrobe leaving the western outfits for a change. To be a true … Continue reading 19 Fashion Infographics for True Ethnic Divas

how to do hijab ? Now I would like to a hijab on bad hair days… how to do hijab ? Now I would like to a hijab on bad hair days… Islamic Fashion, Muslim Fashion, Modest Fashion, Hijab Fashion, Hijab Styles, Scarf Styles, Muslim Girls, Muslim Women, Muslim Brides

In Defense of Hoejabis, Bangjabis & Other “Slutty” Hijabis

In Defense of Hoejabis, Bangjabis & Other "Slutty" Hijabis A couple of months ago, I shared an article on my Facebook page about ‘Hijabi Hipsters’; a new generation of hijabis who fuse fashion with...

despite what this says, the intention is all that matters. i may not be the best Hijab wearing Muslim but I try with what I have and that matters for something inshaAllah Muslim Quotes, Islamic Quotes, Hijab Quotes, Islamic Messages, Islam Women, Dear Sister, All About Islam, All That Matters, Islamic Fashion

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Hijab is an act of Obedience to the creator, Dignity & Honor, Faith & Believe, Bashfulness, Purity, Shield & a Righteousness. Modesty is gold of muslimah.