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Ayuredic tips to reduce cholesterol -Ayurveda acharyas have said that increased kapha and medho dhatu (fat) cause almost all diseases that are caused by increased cholesterol. Increased kapha and medho dhatu obstruct the body channels called srotas. Hence they advise the diet to reduce kapha and medas to avoid these diseases.


Xenoestrogen are a type of synthetic compounds which have estrogenic effect on living organism. These chemicals enter our body through pesticides, use of plastics and plastic bottles, chemicals and other pollutants. Xenoestrogens lower the level of testosterone and reduce sperm count in men. It may cause serious problems in female reproductive system too.


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Tips to control migraine headaches

Migraine headache slows down our daily routine and sometimes it may halt our chores for a day or two. Modern world life styles push people to a whirlpool of work and stress. Unhealthy lifestyle and diet worsens the matter.  This is a very...

Prepare baby food or cereal at home | Parents will be under utter confusion when their tiny tot is 4 months old. Now they have to introduce him to the world of solid foods. Numerous advertisements on TVs and magazines about baby formula foods aggravate the state of confusion. Did our parents and grandparents face the same dilemma when we were young? How did they react to this situation?


Ample of water a day can keep doctor away.Water is the major constituent of our body. It is considered as macronutrient by nutritionists. It is very essential to keep our body well hydrated to maintain the normal body functions. Apart from this water can be wisely used to keep our body healthy and to prevent many health conditions. Texts of ayurveda eulogize medicinal properties of water while explaining the solutions for various diseases.