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Event ROI

As event budgets become tighter and planners need to do more with less, measuring Event ROI can facilitate budget approvals, improve the overall success of the event and be utilized to avoid pitfalls in future projects. Azavista believes that planners should start embracing a more evidence based approach in order to safeguard declining budgets and maintain the viability of their events.
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Azavista surveyed 400 event planners from agencies and enterprises around the world. In this survey, Azavista sought to identify the severity of the budgetary and other problems event planners face, as well as the correlation between these challenges and the measurement of Event Return on Investment (Event ROI). Is measuring Event ROI a common practice? Is it seen as a solution? Are event planners embracing new technologies to help them achieve Event ROI?


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Azavista releases survey results on Event ROI, industry challenges and technology penetration.

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