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someone is writing on a notebook with the words use your hand lettering for b2b
it's your call. ⚒ // ✏️: pilot h-325 0.5mm HB / : @baronfig confidant / : stylings of @prspctv_cllctv (promise I'll stop calling you out man but the inspiration's a bit too obvious to deny)
the steps in how to apply makeup on someone's face
water droplet tutorial.
the instructions for how to draw leaves with markers and pencils are shown in this image
©TheRevisionGuide Doodles and lettering from instagram.com/therevisionguide
a black and white drawing of a leaf
I feel like I could do this...but I know I really can't haha
a piece of art with lines and a red heart
I found this easy but very cool project on a wonderful blog called "TeachKidsArt". It was a very do-able project for my participants and they loved the 3-D results. A different spin on a Valentine's Day art project.
the instagram page for pinter's shows an image of mountains and trees
Another way of doing the Genesis art project
a drawing of a leaf with lines drawn on the paper and inked onto it
Sketch Book.....Leaf Designs 1
LuAnn Kessi: Sketch Book.....Leaf Designs 1 love this too.....many others on the page
an image of colorful leaves on white paper
Art Projects for Kids in easy to follow instructions. Lots of Leaf and nature-related art projects.
two pictures of the same animal with their mouths open and mouth wide, one in pink
Surprise Ferocious Beings Paper Project · Craftwhack
Folded bunny paper art project • art projects for kids • easy art projects • Craftwhack.com
a painting of two people holding umbrellas in front of an easel on a table
i think i have painted this before but i'm not really sure. better safe than sorry ;)
a black and white photo of birds flying over a wire fence with the sky in the background
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free. I really love this..of course tattoos of this nature are very "mainstream" and I wouldn't get something like this, but I like the idea, and would be cute as wall art!
a drawing of a person holding an umbrella in front of vertical lines on the wall
I am officially obsessed with rain art