44 Dream Pergola Plans

I like the privacy of this backyard space...lights could be strung from the pergola, and lanterns could be hung as well. I would choose a different color for the cushions for a pop of color.

And lastly, make it super-crazy-extra cozy with cheap mini lanterns.

Drew:: While Arial was at school I had finish setting everything up. I even dressed up nicer and by nice I mean I wore a nicer flannel and skinny jeans. I sigh nervously has I hear her walk through the door.


The monsoon season has started in Hong Kong and with the skies opening up and bucketing down, and the clouds rendering the sky midnight black at in the morning, all I can think about is some far off beach where I could lie in a hammock and soak up...

Pergola Roofing Design Ideas: From the Natural to the Motorized

Layering Up: A lot of pergolas will only have one layer of overhead beams say going in a vertical direction. One way of adding more shade and roofing to the pergola is to add another level of beams this time going in the horizontal direction as

I have been looking for a good DIY way to hang string lights on the back deck. This is by far the best looking and cheapest I have found. I love this idea but I would want to take them down after every party so the wind storms wont blow them away.

The Pot & texture of the walls add so much interest. Now pay some attention to the poor relation yard that is crying out for some echo of the interior..Oversized pots, perhaps ,in a similar style.rContemporary Exterior by COUPDEVILLE

Love this idea for a contemporary extension, replacing the single storey with bifolds and glass to the side return.