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Pod Space have designed a series of incrementally sized garden offices and studios including the Micro Pod, Micro Max Pod, Mini Pod, Glide Pod and the Eco Pod. That’s a lot of pods, with prices.

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Ecospace Studios uses the latest design methods for garden studios construction including contemporary garden room, office, eco friendly buildings and also

Garden Offices & Studios - Customer Gallery

Enjoy our gallery of quality Garden Offices & Studios including log cabins, art studios, teenage dens, lots of inspiring ideas

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Garden Offices

Get the perfect office for your garden. The Garden Escape design and construct totally bespoke outdoor buildings to the highest standards, anywhere in the UK.

Tetra Shed Origami Inspired 86 Square Foot Office Space (7)

Tetra Shed is a backyard office solution. Joining the ranks of backyard bubbles, boxes and pods comes the Tetra Shed, a modular 'modern garden office' that look

"Charles Bello has spent the last 40 years handbuilding a succession of homes with timber cut and milled from his 400 acres in Northern California."

The Parabolic Glass House, finished in has a subterranean greenhouse in the front that contains most of the family’s vegetables and an elaborate solar power system.