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Core Sculpter: Abs, Glute And Thigh Workout | Fitness Republic

Great Core Sculpting Routine to target your abs, glutes and thighs! The directions for each exercise is included to help with your workout! No equipment needed and you can do this one right from home!

Insomnia is a common health issue, and millions of people face difficulties when trying to fall asleep and get the rest their body craves for. Due to insomnia, it is estimated that as much as $63 b…

Many people have misconceptions about sleep despite it being part of everyday life. Carlton Lewis discusses some of the most common fallacies about sleep.

How To Get Summer's 27 Best Hairstyles

DIY hair buns are classic and evergreen choice of easy hairstyles for every girl. When you are running out of time, you usually neglect your hairstyle and wonder if you had a simple and quick hair do for your hair.

Probably, you didn’t know that Japanese women have the highest life expectancy in the world. They live to 85 years on average, while in USA, women live to 80 years. The skin of the Japanese women is s

Old Japanese recipe: do this once a week and you will look 10 years younger. Japanese women’s have always been considered to look beautiful, youthful .

There are millions of people who care about their body weight, especially women who are dreaming of losing weight quickly and effortlessly. But this is

A medical director, Erika Schwartz, was consulted for a medical advice by an elderly man with serious health condition. She firmly believed that his drugs