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"And like air, I rise"

"And like air, I rise"

"The opposite of poverty is justice" ~~Bryan Stevenson. "Poverty is man-made and it can be undone by human action." ~~Nelson Mandela. Yep and I'm ready to do both...so sick of it all!

Revolution is a Choice. Crime is a Choice. You can't choose your parents - but you can choose your philosophy -- Control is a Choice there, Aristotle! Trumor: Aristotle liked sheep - cause' he had no control over his nature!

A new word: INSOUCIANT. Más

Insouciant - free from concern, worry, or anxiety. Origin Insouciant entered English from French, based on the French verb soucier meaning "to worry." Ultimately it finds its roots in the Latin sollicitāre meaning "to disturb.

Wordy. I suffer from this quite often and don't realize when I've gone on far too long to make a serious point.

to talk excessively and pointlessly; babble: They prated on until I was ready to scream . to utter in empty or foolish talk: to prate absurdities with the greatest seriousness . noun: act of prating. empty or foolish talk.