Hi my dear +bubblews pals! Hope you all are enjoying this blessed day! Did you know that the when you use the words ‘Praise and Bless” for the th.

Kinda Busy Sunday..

By understanding that it's universal you can minimize the impact it will have on your life. It's manageable. It doesn't need to be the thing that defines you or controls your life.


You shouldn't need a holiday to be thanking your customers. Here is how you can start thanking customers! Consider Sweet Fortune Cookies for your on going "Thanks!" with custom Thank You Fortunes inside!

My Relationship with My Mom

Mothers, particularly new ones, have lots of questions when it comes to child raising. Here are some more answers to baby bottle feeding!

Trust me..

"Responsibility" by Deacon Joe Perry by Hungry Hearts Ministries on SoundCloud


Accepting help is a good thing! "Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - If I’d Known This Before Motherhood I’d Have Saved Myself a Few Grey Hairs.