Baggit - #PlayTheLifeGame

Play The Life Game On Your Terms With Baggit’s New Collection

Health n Beauty Blog: Story of the perfect summer bag!

Health n Beauty Blog: Story of the perfect summer bag!

Baggit’s Spring Summer Collection Is 'Freedom of Expression' ~ iCynosure - Indian Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

As I headed to the Daily Bar and Kitchen in Bandra for the launch of Baggit ’s Spring Summer collection, little did I know about what was i.

Baggit - #PlayTheLifeGame

Baggit - #PlayTheLifeGame

Baggit L Pisa Beads Blue

Play The Life Game With Baggit - Pout Pretty


Baggit Handbag #LChiara Review, Be #Alwayscool

The modern Indian woman is bold, confident and independent. She works towards bringing positive changes in the society and by doing so she establishes her own unique identity.

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Staying true to yourself can be the most challenging and the most liberating thing you’ll ever do in life.


Baggit, India’s popular fashion accessories brand recently launched an interesting campaign – “Play the Life Game” during their collection.

Beauty And Indulgence: Play The Life Game with Baggit's Latest Collection!

Just when I was preparing the itinerary for my travel this month (Yay!), I received this hero from Baggit.



Play The Life Game With Baggit Spring/Summer 2016 Collection #PlayTheLifeGame

Baggit , counted amongst India's premier bag and accessories manufacturers, which co-incidentally is also one of my very first owne.

#PlayTheLifeGame - Kolkata - Ep5 - YouTube

Our fashion expert, Vaishali has arrived at the Baggit store in South city complex to find out what according to Kolkata is To know more.