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Style with our Earthy-Toned New Fashion Nomad Collection!

Basic cum Urban, the New Collection will fascinate you! Baggit is showcasing the fresh and interesting Earthy-toned Fashion Nomad Collection that is amplified with eye-catching prints and designs. Inspired from man-made and recycled materials, earthy color schemes have been combined with cruelty-free and robust synthetic leathers to create functional bags for the fashionable you. Shop this amazing and trendy Collection at our Exclusive stores or
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Baggit: L Sangria Lagan Mustard - Rs. 2,525/- Buy Now at:

The spectacular urban products of the New Fashion Nomad Collection at Baggit will intrigue you!

Baggit: Lw Dandelion Moly Green - Rs. 900/- Buy Now at:

Baggit: Lmu Freeze Morris Green - Rs. 825/- Buy Now at:

Baggit: Lmu Freeze Morris Black - Rs. 825/- Buy Now at: