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Crispy fried onion can be your perfect snack time partner for the evening! The recipe is not a rocket science. You need to purchase big onions to prepare these snacks. For batter preparation, you will learn three different batter making styles in this post.


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In India, we can find endless variety of spices and food products because India is known as home of spices. And among all spices, Crispy fried onions are one of the most demanded products that are exceptionally in demand in India.


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Translucent, caramelized, or golden brown fried onions are simple to make when you know the right way! This post is about the correct recipe to prepare crispy fried onion (Indian shops are selling) at home.

Please Note- Crispy Fried Onions Are Not Burned Onion Rings

Many people like to have lentils in the meal. We will share the yummiest recipe of lentils, but before that you must prepare some crispy fried onions! Just slice some onions and deep fry in oil until it turns into golden color. Take out the rings and place it on paper napkin so that it can absorb all extra oil from it.

How Indians Are Making Lentils With Crispy Fried Onions? - Information about Dehydrated Foods