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:'( one direction

I do.but I will still love the boys no matter what. I just want the old boys back. Directioner stuffs is getting super duper drama-y recently<<<< agreed but I do miss the old boys very much

Let it go! when you get really angry and you want to insult people.. breathe in then let it go

Let it go! when you get really angry and you want to insult people. breathe in then let it go let go of all that is not God / Good / - let go of anything that weighs you down - let go of hurt - forgive yourself and forgive them

This is perfection

THIS IRRITATES ME SO MUCH! They just crossed the line of cruelty. No dementor, no matter how evil, should have to live with her.<<< sudden quote moment: "I heard a dementor kissed her. AND IT DIED.

Ok. This is the best. Thing. Ever.

This is the best. Kim Possible vs. Avenger Does anyone else remember how amazing Kim Possible was?


Black pea coat, simple white t-shirt + black slim jeans. This look is defined by the coat, the shoes + the hair. 3 combination that equals a street styled perfection.

Is it just me, or is this your favorite Muke pic EVER? :):) <<< I'm just loving myself for the fact that I realized that Luke has a similar shirt as Michael but it has black x's instead of red. He wears it in the Amnesia video I think Apple iPod Touch iTouch 5G 5 5th Gen Generation Be Free Birds Vintage Retro Design BLACK SIDES Slim HARD Case Skin Cover Protector Mobile MP3 Player Accessory Vintage Retro Unique Case Cartel: MP3 Players & Accessories

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