Ian Lanterman Conceptual Still life photography

Ian Lanterman’s Conceptual Still Life Photography

Tim Walker - Fashion Photography - Fantasy - Conceptual - Dark

Electrostatic Hairstyles

#portrait #photography

Self portrait ideas Mapping 2013 on Behance Use a process like this for "identity/self-concept" activity about skin color/shade/tone/palette. Put vertical photo strip of every child together on a couple images to make a collective face.

Stephanie Voegele : Skin Adornment

second skin // “[Skin] lacks definite boundaries, flowing continuously from the exposed surfaces of the body to its internal cavities.” ~ Ellen Lupton by sthepanie voegele pealling - pearl adornment: silicone rubber and pigment.

#sexy, #ero  »  aesthetic conceptual fashion photography by Vadim Stein © http://500px.com/stein

Untitled, photography by Vadim Stein. In People, Character, Anthropomorphism. Untitled, photography by Vadim Stein.

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