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This colorful all hand made set of 5 bangles can all be worn together or just the gold tone pair for a classy look. One of the gold tone bangle is all hand hammered A variety of combinations are possible with this set . Great set for this price.

This set of 5 bangles includes bangles with scroll work, hand embossed bangle set inside a rich brown rims. The delicate leaf and vine pattern runs all around the bangle. There is one bamboo inspired bangle in brown, white and black color with brass stations .There are three rich wood bangles and one wave pattern antique finish gold tone bangle, all hand made.

This is a set of 5 bangles. The bold wide bangle is hand painted in pastel shades of blue and sea green and has gold tone border. This set also has a pair of white bangles with delicate tiny black polka dots and a pair of rich chocolate brown bangles with gold color vine pattern all around giving it a rich look.

This set of 5 has unusual combination of bangles. There is one hand embossed antique gold tone bangle with intricate designs . one bamboo design bangle in silver tone , There is one bangle in classic shade of butter cream. There is one bangle in black with cheerful geometric shades of orange, blue, yellow, pink and white. One crowing piece in this set has beautiful stars all around the bangle in rich antique gold tone.

This single wide band in contrasting butter cream and rich brown is an elegant bangle. This bangle is about an inch in width with brass inner ring. A substantial piece of jewelry.

Gorgeous green and violet make this set of three bangles absolutely stunning. The wide band with shiny gold stations all hand made with raised center is a perfect bangle. A pair of bangles draped in green and violet pure silk thread. The silk threads have a classy sheen and very comfortable on the wrist.

A perfect set for a fashionista on budget. This set of four has unusual bangles. There is one bangle with hand carved vine design, a pair of pure silk bangles hand wrapped, in multi color threads. There is one bold geometric pattern wide wood bangle. Wear them all together for a classy well travelled look.

This set has one of the most delicate paisley pattern emboss work on a silver tone bangle. This set also includes a pair of ribbed bangles and one bangle with tiny holes giving it a light and airy finish.Grab it while you can. The wide bangle is a solid inch in width. Available in size 'Medium'. (2.5" dia.).

This set of 3 in delicate peach color has unusual shape bangle. Two can be described as triangular and one almost an octagon. Though made of resin they look like marble bangles