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How to Make Patriotic Jewelry Tutorials I
How To Do Tapered Ends On Your Bead Loom Piece. #beadloom #beadingtutorials
Check out blog post, as I go through each step, in detail, how I taper my bead loom work! I include lots of hand drawn pictures, screenshots from my tutorial and try to explain it in many ways to help anyone understand. Let me knwo your thoughts!
a drawing of the letter u with two candles attached to it and an arrow pointing up
Rippling Way Bracelet
Rippling Way Bracelet
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The Selvage Method of Finishing Loom Beadwork Wire Wrapped Jewellery, Clamp Tool, Clamp, Half Hitch Knot, Chain Nose Pliers, Embroidery Scissors, Ribbon, Upright Loom, Wire Wrapped Jewelry
Finishing off Loom Beadwork With Selvage and Clamp Ends
The Selvage Method of Finishing Loom Beadwork
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an instrument with some beads attached to it
@Stephanie Close Pinnington Conference and Expo with the Jewel Loom and some gorgeous Tila beads!
the bead is being worked on by an individual
Tutorial for the "Mystery SuperDuo Bracelet"
Pascale G-Mikovic's Original Bracelet I still don't have the real name for this bracelet, which was designed by Pascale G-Mikovic , but ...
someone is working on an instrument with many pins attached to the strings and threading them together
Free Bead Looming Project with Tila Beads
I like this pattern for tilas. Beads And Wire, Macramé
I like this pattern for tilas.
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beadnurse - Etsy