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an image of the back cover of a book with words in black and white on it
the letter s is for snow and it's made with materials such as buttons, letters
FREE list: 200+ Materials for Preschool Letter Activities and Collages
two young boys playing with toy boats in the dirt next to a brick wall and grass
Creating Outdoor Playscapes on a Budget • Our Storied Home
the ultimate freefonts collection is on display in front of a laptop and pink flowers
The Ultimate Free Fonts Collection
the inside of an office building with several different pictures and instructions on how to use it
The Learning Environment: What messages are we sending our children?
Easy Marbling by Josie Lewis
two children are painting on a sheet of paper with watercolors and paintbrushes
Exploring Colors with Baking Soda and Vinegar
the collage shows different activities for children to play with
Loose Parts Play: 32 Invitations
a child is sitting at a table with flowers in front of them and the title reads, a 3 - d nature suncatcher
Make A Magical 3D Nature Suncatcher From A Cardboard Box
some plants are growing out of the plastic bag
15 Tips and Hacks for Ziploc Bags in the Classroom