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50 Brilliant, Easy & Cheap Storage Ideas (lots of tips and tricks)

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tension rod under sink to hang cleaning products. @Faith DeAngelis, I think Dad should do this

"Organization is key. In fact, I believe it's the first step to ensuring a small space lives up to its potential. This means closet organization is a must. I always tell clients to 'edit, edit, edit.' [Everyone] needs to de-clutter and get rid of little odds and ends." MagnaPods StickOnPods Organizer Set, $9.99, available at PodsStore.

Home Organizing Ideas - Can We Ever Get Enough of Them

Toothbrush organizer! I hate the clutter of of toothbrushes and squeezed toothpaste all o we the sink counter. This is brilliant!! Home Organizing Ideas, can never get enough!!!

Ask mike if we have room to do this, like a hole in the wall after the bathrm door, we should remove the big sink and make a space like this where we can hopefully like under the stairs it would be. Smaller bathrm sink n open the bathrm right up!

Dreamworld Saturday – Dream Laundry Room

Great Idea! - what I was looking for, great space saver plus keeps it handy

Personalised wooden heart bathrobe hooks, fit over bathroom or hallway door, personalised with your message hand painted in acrylics (HK01)

Wooden heart bathrobe hanging hooks fit over door, hand painted with your choice of message by CoveCalligraphy, £19.50