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Business Analytics - case studies

Despite our combined decades of experience, we still analyse and learn every day at Barrachd. We'll share our findings with you, separating fact from fiction and what works from what doesn’t.
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Smart universities are using analytics to answer their big 'what if' questions, freeing themselves from Excel Hell as they plan for an influx of students.


Using analytics to make universities smarter - Barrachd

Watson Analytics goes back to school


A week in data - The Roundup - Barrachd

Leicester City win with analytics

A wee look at big data - Barrachd

Cognos analytics 11.0.4 #IBM #Cognos #Analytics - what's new?

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What can Watson Analytics do for customers?


Watson Analytics – Easy, quick and pretty

Taking analytics mobile is the perfect opportunity for Business Intelligence to flex its creative muscles. We look at the bond between design and analytics.

The changing face of Business Intelligence - Barrachd

New Cognos Analytics 11.0.3 release

Data collection - the topical data roundup - Barrachd

Mace creates and manages the world’s most amazing buildings. So, building a more efficient reporting solution was seen as an opportunity to achieve better.

Building brilliant buildings and robust reporting - Barrachd

IBM and Wimbledon show how huge amounts of data can be collected, analysed and presented in real time. How do we transfer this tennis lesson to business?

Business should watch tennis for analytics masterclass

Data can be used to predict changes in trends & behavior. Find out how Liverpool University harnessed the power of analytics to create a model business.

University challenge - predicting change with analytics