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Data and analytics roundup

A hand-picked selection of our favourite data and analytics news, use and views, all packaged up especially for you.
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A longsighted look to the horizon of data development unearths plenty of inspiring data stories, some uncanny findings and a useful guide…


Inspiring data - tales of the possible - Barrachd

New smart mirror captures high street shopping data


Analytics in action - Barrachd

Data is great at predicting what's about to happen, but sometimes you need to look back to find the way forwards. Get insights to the future...

Data's past victories and future insights - Barrachd

Algorithms for change? Inequality, climate change and the death of data - the #bigdata #roundup

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What is banking’s biggest problem? And marketers’ latest solution? Why can’t identity be anonymous anymore? Who’ll win the Premier League. All the big questions that data answers this week. #BigData #Analytics #IoT

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Cognos Analytics gets powerful new geospatial functionality... so we continue…

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Humanity is a common theme running through this week's roundup. Emotions, ethics…

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The big data roundup - From saving money to saving the world, data is big. It…

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Simplifying, opening, and mapping... This week's big data roundup takes us from the beautiful to the dark side of data #bigdata #dataviz

From the beauty to the darkside of data - Barrachd

A social network for data buffs, the emotional pull of hard fact and Pokédata to improve our health. Bringing data together in a topically timed roundup.

Bringing data together to tell better tales