Data and analytics roundup

A hand-picked selection of our favourite data and analytics news, use and views, all packaged up especially for you.
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A longsighted look to the horizon of data development unearths plenty of inspiring data stories, some uncanny findings and a useful guide…

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Crime fighting fridges, David Bowie in data, and pitting perceptions against reality, the Big Data Roundup takes a topical look at the best data-led news this week.

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Hunger, power, tears & the big data drive -- Our roundup digests the biggest, best and often most irreverent big data & analytics news from around the wide web, packaging up our favourite stories from the past week, just for you.

This week's roundup takes in a future where companies don't own data, a football challenge that pits data against intuition, and an index of where to live.

We want insights, we want results, we want unfair advantages and we want it now. Well, that's exactly what this week's round up delivers with real time, real life, out of this world analytics.

We like to keep you up-to-date with the fast moving, game-changing world of data and analytics. But we don't just focus on 'us', we take a wider look!

Data's an engaging topic - both in theory and in practice. Take a whistlestop tour of the most engaging stories told by (and about) data this week.

Humanity is a common theme running through this week's roundup. Emotions, ethics…

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