L'Infinito by Victor Vercesi - I love this photo, it reminds me of some of the photos done in the yearbook this year. The circles look interesting with the photos together.

De afbeeldingen zijn oude en vaag geworden door het weer, Beautiful ugly.

mylovt - Antonio Mora - takes found photos and creates collages.


Frozen roses - "Violent & Still" by Thinh Dong

Gentleness in character-spirit. Ornate Drutsa script stacked

Gentleness in character-spirit. Ornate Drutsa script stacked - add a guitar neck and unites it with music

The Passage of Time Captured in Layered Landscape Collages by Fong Qi Wei timelapse sunset collage

"Changi Beach Sunset, by Fong Qi Wei Check out more great photo montages in a series called “Time Is a Dimension” by the Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei.

Urban Landscape Photography Tips for Novice

I like this because the black and white contrasts well with the image.

Minimalist Urban Landscapes of Berlin by Matthias Heiderich

weandthecolor: “Spektrum Eins - Beautiful and Minimalistic Photography In the past I already featured some works by Matthias Heiderich on WE AND THE COLOR. After checking out the new series “Spektrum.

Amazing urban & landscape photography by Martin Turner

Penarth by martinturner

Koo Bohnchang

Koo Bohnchang

Koo Bohnchang

Koo Bohnchang

Urban night photography, street photography, low light, Urban, Landscape, Tony Worobiec,

Want to take amazing photos after dark? In this article we take on on a night time street photography tour and tell you how to photograph great urban street photography after dark.

Jelle Martens

Geometric nature collage by Jelle Martens. by design patterns

Ernst Hass

Ernst Haas master of evocative color photography

andre kertesz

Bruce Silverstein Gallery - André Kertész - The Polaroids / Randy West - bird rabbit snake: The Polaroids