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When the internet is down... Humour, Quotes, Psychology, Feelings, Mental Health, Funny Memes, Stress, Just In Case, I Laughed
When the internet is down...
a woman with long hair is looking at the camera and has an instagram message
Save BIG with $9.99 .COMs from GoDaddy!
When you go to page two on Google. #funny
two people are hanging upside down in the air with ropes attached to their hands and one is holding onto another person's head
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I'd rather them meet on this line than the internet line....... how desperate is that!! :/
the cartoon shows a man sitting at a desk with a computer and thought bubbles above him
Bottom Liners by Eric and Bill Teitelbaum for April 04, 2014 |
Bottomliners on #humor #comics #technology
a red shirt with the words caps lock preventing login since 1989
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Computer Humor | From Funny Technology - Community - Google+ via Logicworks
a cartoon character is standing in front of a cubicle with the caption, some day my prints will come
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two cartoon angels with one saying it's not boring up here you get to look through everyone's data
25 Cartoons To Give Current Big Data Hype A Perspective
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a cartoon depicting two people sitting on the grass with speech bubbles above them that say, do you know what clouds are made up of? sure music files?
. Not exactly a favorite but I swear this is what's going to happen in the future. I hope we can change that
a cartoon depicting a man in front of a computer with the caption on i installed the driver all right
Business Meeting Cost Calculator: Calculate the Cost of Company Executive & Team Meetings
Computer Repair Cartoon.
a dog is sitting in front of a computer and looking at the screen that says, what am i doing?
Level 1 tech support
funny tech | Level 1 tech support
a cookie monster sitting at a desk with a computer and thought bubble above it that says delete cookies?
TECH HUMOR: Cookie monster deleting cookies? @Business Continuity Technologies
two texts are shown in the same language
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the text reads, i miss those days when you could just push someone into a pool without worrying about their cell phone
childhood true true story phone relate so true relatable phones true story bro so-relatable
Oh how I miss those childhood memories of neighborhood pool parties. It was never a fear of our swimming abilities as much as being drowned by a drunk neighbor being thrown onto those of us kids in the pool.