Mary-Ann Basnayake-Pinder

Mary-Ann Basnayake-Pinder

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Braised Oxtails with Potato Puree & Horseradish Cream. This looks so yummy, can't wait to cook it!! (you could sub beef short ribs for oxtails )

In this week's interview with Kris Wessel, the chef/owner of Red Light Little River talked about the importance of food as it relates to community. Kris is the local headliner tonight at the Tap Tap Haitian Relief Dinner hosted by The South Beach Wine & Food Festival and Southern Wine...

This slow-cooked dish is seasoned with browning, a sauce prepared using a burned-sugar technique that imparts a hint of caramelized flavor.

Irish Beef and Guinness Stew - The king of all stews! Fork tender beef in a rich thick sauce. Easy to make, just requires patience! Slow cooker, stove, oven and pressure cooker directions provided.

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