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a poster with many different items on it
dewey decimal system
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a sign that reads library librarians reading assistance research hours for free internet books and magazines
LIBRARY - Literacy, Internet, Books, Reading, Assistance, Research - Yours for Free!
two bookshelves with the words upgrade your shelves before and after being used to store children's books
Private Site
"What Worked" Wednesday: How to Keep Books Visible on Library Shelves | I had the maintenance man cut boards to fit behind my books. It worked beautifully! Now I want all the shelves done.
a large poster with many different words on it's sides and numbers in the middle
simple Dewey
a white board with words on it that say, agenda today, we will be starting adopt - a - shelf you will be adding a library shelf to take care of
Teacher Appreciation Sale - Library Learners
Teacher Appreciation Sale - Library Learners
a bulletin board with sticky notes on it
A Few New Bulletin Boards
Lots of Reading Bulletin Boards at this site
a bulletin board with emoji read's written on it in front of a classroom wall
a poster with the words book care rules in different colors and font on black background
elementary library rules
elementary library rules - Google Search More