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... japanese toilets with the seat warmer, night light, bidet, music, etc.

... A Master Suite Designed for Privacy and Intimacy in interior design  Category

A Master Suite Designed for Privacy and Intimacy

Casa Cor Rio is a prestigious national interior design event that takes place every year and architect Gisele Taranto designed a cozy master suite for it.

... high tech japanese toilet

イメージディレクトリ : 【海外掲示板】「なんで日本のトイレはこんなにハイテクなんだ?」【海外の反応】

... Hanare / Schemata Architects

Gallery of Hanare / Schemata Architects - 6

Image 6 of 33 from gallery of Hanare / Schemata Architects. Photograph by Takumi Ota

... we need to check the Japanese team carefully before entering the next World Cup. They are working on something!" - Super Great Toilet Keeper"


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... Numi toilet by Kohler Co, washing, heating, music multi-function

... Numi toilet by Kohler Co, washing, heating, music multi-function

... A Japanese toilet manufacturer has released a Swarovski crystal-encrusted model @ $130,000. It's remote-controlled and covered in 72,000 crystals. "In Japan people believe there's a deity existing in the toilet, and that's why keeping it clean and taking good care of it is an old-age Japanese custom"

Watch News Coverage of a $130,000 Jewel-Encrusted Toilet

Suddenly $6,300 toilets seem like small potatoes: Japanese toilet manufacturer INAX has debuted a Swarovski crystal-encrusted model worth $130K. Naturally, it's remote-controlled, and rather...

... smart golden toilet

I want Hover Bovver!

Page 1 of 3 - I want Hover Bovver! - posted in Intellivision / Aquarius: From what I have read there is a Hover Bovver ROM that is either finished or nearly finished. I know there have been disputes and I dont want to rehash or cause further hard feelings. I just want the game released in cartridge form. I like to play games on my classic consoles and I especially love playing homebrew games on them. (I know some people like the collection aspect and want boxes and overlays and all tha...

... just jump

... just jump

... the aquarium is the extra tread ... bathroom - Japan

Loo with a view: The world's toilets with the best vistas

We may not really care what our view is when we use the loo. But maybe we should - for according to the World Toilet Organisation we spend three years of our lives on the throne.

... remote control for Japanese toilet

... remote control for Japanese toilet

... Toto's new Intelligence Toilet II monitors weight, blood sugar levels, and other vital signs, transferring data to your computer for analysi...

Smart Toilets: Doctors in Your Bathroom

To those unfamiliar with Japanese culture, certain trends may seem unusual: manga and anime, the love affair with robotics, tea ceremonies…computerized talking toilets. Yeah, Americans don’t often run into those. So get the jokes out of the way (we all get one, just one), shrug off the discomfort, and let’s sit down and talk toilet. …

... Central Laboratory: Result - Intelligent Toilet | Daiwa House

... Japanese luxury toilet, totally controlled via smartphone

Japanese luxury toilet, totally controlled via smartphone - Tokyo Times

Lixil, a Japanese company, has recently released a luxury toilet model called the “Satis”. The ingenious toilet can be totally controlled via a smartphone, which means its owner can flush, clean and adjust it just by using a special app. How does the Satis work? First, the owner has to download an app in the …

... washlet