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a man in a suit standing on top of a building with the words how to teach hyper role and die laughing
How to Teach Hyperbole and Die Laughing!
How to Teach Hyperbole and Die Laughing! - Rockin Resources
a girl with her hands up and the words how to teach smiles like a rockstar
How to Teach Similes | Teaching Similes | Figurative Language
Are you looking for ways to teach similes like a Rockstar? You’ve come to the right place! Students will be engaged while they learn about figurative language. It will also help you when you are discussing word choice in writing and author’s craft in reading! Click to learn about similes!
the words videos for teaching are displayed above an image of cartoon characters and their names
10 Ways to Add Movement in the ELA Classroom - Building Book Love
a field full of sunflowers with the words teaching figure language with short stories
Teaching Figurative Language with Short Stories | Nouvelle ELA
Looking for new, free texts for teaching figurative language? This post has short stories and other short texts your students will love!
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table with the title, the 5 best videos for teaching figureative language
The 5 Best Videos for Teaching Figurative Language
Save time searching for videos to teach figurative language! These top 5 videos will engage your students in identifying and analyzing figurative language and sound devices. Pop songs and movie clips grab students' attention. #figurativelanguage #middleschoolela
the best student friendly tips for teaching Figurative language
The Best Student Friendly Tips For Teaching Figurative Language
four pieces of paper with different types of information
The Best 3rd Grade Anchor Charts for Your Classroom