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two women walking down the street with one carrying a purse and another holding a handbag
Bilson and Bell Get Pampered Together
"The Amazing Spider-Man" Moscow Photocall Moscow, Fashion, Man, Men, Bauer, Single Men, It Cast, Suit Jacket, Latest Gossip
"The Amazing Spider-Man" Moscow Photocall
a woman sitting on top of a golden statue
#EvaLongoria really knows how to get our attention
a woman running down a bridge with her hand on her hip and the other arm behind her back
Ever wonder what it takes to win the #HungerGames? #JenniferLawrence shows us her #fitness routine
three people are floating in the pool together
#MileyCyrus gets cozy with NOT #LiamHemsworth
a woman holding her hands up in front of her face and making the vulcan sign
Wiig Vogues on Set
a man is sitting on a bench with his hand in the air and holding something up to his mouth
Remember #ChristianSlater? This is what he did today.
a woman walking down the street with a bag in her hand and sunglasses on her head
#KieraKnightley is Engaged!
a man and woman sitting on a bench in front of a fountain
#KristenWiig and #BenStiller Film "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
two different pictures of the same man and woman
"True Blood" Season 5 Premiere Special Screening, #AnnaPaquin's baby bump!
two pictures of the same person in different outfits and one has her hand on her head
#ChrisHemsworth and #KristenStewart Stop by "Today"
a woman is walking down the street while looking at her cell phone
#GiseleBundchen is Pregnant. See her bump? Yeah, neither do we.
a woman and child crossing the street in front of a car with people walking by
Someone Forgot Suri's Sprinkles ... #KatieHolmes
a man wearing headphones and holding a water bottle is walking down the street while listening to music
#DavidBoreanaz Goes with the Beat
a woman standing next to a man holding a purse
#MileyCyrus Stops for Fans in Miami