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makes me feel like a badass in a dystopian teen novel

A playlist featuring Annie Lennox, Royal Deluxe, Bishop Briggs, and others

turn it off

a pick me up, if you will

suzie ✨🤍 on Spotify

suzie ✨🤍, a user on Spotify

kinda wanna go someplace where no one knows my name

im not gonna do it girl I was just thinking about it

slytherin vibes, a playlist by mere19 on Spotify

running through the halls at midnight with draco type vibes

ah yes my favorite criminal offense: ARSON

A playlist featuring I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, My Chemical Romance, CRUISR, and others

childhood playlist

the songs that carried my childhood

unexplained nostalgia

yeah idk either

dark academia

gothic architecture. times new roman. coffee. old books. oversized sweaters. rainy days. candles.

vibing in the slytherin common room

a dungeon full of angsty teenagers and good music

bad bitch playlist on Spotify

hello 911, i'm on fire

genius billionaire playboy philanthropist

an ode to the guy who I share 84% of my personality with: the one, the only, Tony Stark