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Hey guys and girls! How are we all?To quote Newton’s Third Law – For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Life comes with its high’s and low’s, I’m yet to meet a person who is always on a buzz with no down time, it’s how we deal with the low’s and what you do to keep yourself on the right track in life (I mean this in the literal sense to your own personal agenda, no one really knows what track we’re supposed to be heading down, do they?)Stress, fatigue, repetitiveness…

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Be Smart, Stay Humble, Stay Grounded


“Don’t believe everything you hear: Real eyes, realise, real lies!” – Tupac ShakurAs the years pass me by and I grow ever wiser, these words seem to be truer than ever! Which is sad to admit. All throughout life I see deceit on so many different levels. From little white lies - to alibi's keeping us from prison. Whether it's right, or wrong, it happens.– The Bloggerman

Letting go!

It’s funny, we spend such a small amount of time in this crazy messed up world. Yet we always find ourselves letting it slip away in such a preposterous manner it’s uncanny. Too much we dwell on the past, on issues that when you look back weren’t all that much of an issue and for what??“So many people get involved with carrying grudges and having these moral battles with people, where they cast themselves as the righteous and the other guy is the dirtbag. They waste tons of energy on it…

Have some advice!

I'll be writing many posts on this platform in the near future which I hope you will enjoy. I'm very new to the blogging world and here is my first blog entry from my Wordpress blog. Okay so I’m going to be giving some advice which I hope will be handy to everyone, but if only one person takes something from this that’s still a success. “It’s never too late!”Now whether this statement will relate to you in regards to business, relationship, health, trying something new and scary or...

High five! Have some advice!

So if by some miracle you are here, reading my first blog entry, welcome! I made this blog around a year ago with the intentions of updating every month or so … As you can see this is my firs…

It’s the little things!